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tv   Book TV  CSPAN  January 1, 2010 9:40am-9:45am EST

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so stay tuned. >> give us an update on your lbj volume. >> the third one i got the national book award five years ago. this is a long book. i am in the middle of it. lyndon johnson, president progress will civil-rights, vietnam, turning points in american history. interesting for me to try to do it. >> when do you foresee it being finished? >> two more years. >> how many years of your professional life have been devoted to lyndon johnson? >> the power broker came out -- one of my first books in 1974. i started in 1976 on lyndon johnson.
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33 years. >> what sparked you your interest in lbj? >> good question. i never look at my books as biography. i never want to do a book just about a great man but i am interested in this political power. using a man's life to show it. robert moses i tried to show how urban power works. lyndon johnson understood national power better than anyone. i could show how national power works. >> the third in your series you won the national book award. what is the effect of that? >> the effect on me was terrific. i was happy to win it. >> did it change book sales or anything like that? >> not sure i remember the
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answer to the question. that book did well. i can't remember if it had an impact. i am sorry. >> author robert caro. >> you dedicate the first part of the book to the people of your country but the other part of the book you dedicate your mother. tell me about martha johnson. >> a real force that shaped my life. the life of my siblings. the one who taught us the basic things about in dorrance and commitment and honesty and hard work. she demonstrated courage. when my father, her husband, had a stroke very early, she had to make ends meet to give us an
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education. she was deeply rooted in st.. we grew up in a home based on family prayers and faith and hard work and everything that represents the character in me had come from her. the upbringing that she did. >> this was a portion of a booktv program. you can view the entire program and many other booktv programs on line. go to type the name of the author or book into the search area in the upper left-hand corner of the page. select the watch link. now you can view the entire program. you might also explore the recently on booktv box or the featured video box to find featured programs.
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>> the first military burial in arlington national cemetery took place during the civil war, in may of 1864. author robert poole traces the history of the cemetery at in on hallowed ground: the story of arlington national cemetery. we reported portions of the funeral of a u.s. marine who was killed in afghanistan. this program is 30 minutes. >> we are in section 27 of arlington national cemetery. this is one of the oldest sections of the military cemetery in arlington and it is where the story of arlington nation


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